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Sump pumps are devices that are installed at the lowest point of the basement floor in a so-called sump pump dug pit. This small but very important addition to your house will keep your basement safe from flooding. Every house in the midwest, esp. around places like Lake Zurich, IL should have a sump pump regardless if it has flooded before or not.

There are many benefits of adding a properly functioning sump pump to your property. Besides keeping your basement dry, free of mold or mildew it also adds value to your home and plays a big role in keeping your house steady by stabilizing the soil underneath it.

Best Local Sump Pump Plumber in Lake Zurich, IL Plumbing Company Logo
Best Local Sump Pump Plumber in Lake Zurich, IL Plumbing Company Logo

Do I need a sump pump for my house?

According to the long term statistics almost all buildings around places like Barrington, Buffalo Grove, Hoffman Estates, Lake Zurich, Long Grove, Palatine or Vernon Hills to name a few are in high risk of water flooding and should be equipped with sufficient sump pumps and battery back up systems.

We highly recommend installing a reliable sump pump at every house located in the midwest esp. if any of following is true:

  • your house had problems with water flooding before
  • the area, where you live, gets a significant amount of rain and snow
  • you have a finished basement made into a livable space
  • your house is built on poorly draining soil that is prompt to flooding

If you need a trusted and fully qualified local plumber to fix or install a sump pump for you please call us at 1-847-393-3733.

The most common sump pump problems

Sump pumps, just like almost any device in your house, do not last forever. The average life expectancy of a quality sump pump is about 10 years. There are usually early signs of your sump pump breaking down which you should not ignore.

Call a reliable local plumber from the Lake Zurich area as soon as you experience any of the following scenarios:

  • a sump pump is making strange loud noise
  • a sump pump keeps running but there is no water in sump pump pit
  • a sump pump is running too much
  • a sump pump has no power.

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